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Unlock The Archon Archetype

Written by - Codiak

Updated: July 30, 2023


Posted: July 30, 2023

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The data miners have done it, discovered a secret so insane the only way to crack the code is by literally cracking the code. What an absolutely incredible secret, and first and foremost we take no credit in discovering the Archon. Our team, while good at making videos and playing games, have no skills when it comes to data mining. The truth is there has been a dedicated community cracking the secrets of the game since launch and thanks to Barut, a member of that community the mystery is finally solved.

Credit for data mining

That being said, Livid being the beast that he is, already had every piece of gear necessary to unlock this secret.

To unlock the Archon, you simply need to wear a very specific gear loadout so let’s go through through the pieces you need and where to find them.

Archetype Specifics

Explorer Engram | Explorer Fortune Hunter Skill | Realm Walker Armor Set | Invader Engram | Invader Wormhole Skill

Relic and Weapons

Void Heart Relic | Cube Gun | Labyrinth Staff | Ford’s Scattergun


Leto’s Amulet | Amber Moonstoon | Black Cat Band | Anastajia’s Inspiration | Zanias Malice


Entering the Corrupted Portal


Archon Perks, Skills, Traits, and more

Specific Archetype Items and Skills

First, you’ll need the Explorer engram and if you don’t know how to unlock the explorer archetype we have an article up for this. In short, beat the game.

Explorer golden compass

You’ll also need to level up Explorer to level 10 which will unlock the Fortune Hunter skill.

explorer skill fortune hunter

You’ll also need to equip the entire Realm Walker armor set which can be purchased from Whispers after defeating the main campaign.

explorer Realm Walker armor set

Next, you’ll need the Invader engram, and you better believe we already have an article for that too.

Invader engram wooden shiv

After unlocking Invader you’ll need to level the class to 5 and unlock the skill Wormhole.

Invader archetype worm hole skill

Relic and Weapons

For a relic you’ll need the Void Heart which can only be found on Alepsis-Taura the black hole that spawns after defeating the spectral version of the world boss Sha’Hala. Once you defeat them go back and talk to the Custodian. He’ll say he’s making final preparations to leave N’Erud. Come back to the world stone after some real-world time has passed (about 12 hours) and the entire N’Erud map will be corrupted and you’ll only have one destination, Alepsis-Taura. Enter and waiting for you will be the Void Heart.

Void heart relic

The Cube Gun is the reward you’ll be able to craft at McCabe after killing the Labyrinth Sentinel, a story boss you can’t avoid.

Labyrinth Cube Gun

The Labyrinth Staff is a bit more elusive, but lucky for you we have a video revealing where to find it, and a number of other exciting Labyrinth secrets.

Labyrinth Staff

The final weapon, Ford’s Scattergun is a bit of a bear to unlock. For this you’ll need to re-roll your adventure mode so that you have The Red Throne tile set on Yaesha. You’ll need to progress through the questline, making sure you’re cordial with the queen at every step along the way. This essentially just means choosing dialog options that are non-agressive toward her and her court.

Yaesha Red Throne
Yaesha Red Queen

Eventually you enter a tileset called The Widow’s Court. There you’ll find a dead elite guard, with an Ornate Key lying next to him. There are at least 2 locations this can spawn on this tileset. A note nearby describes the Queen’s Lockbox.

Yaesha Widow's Court
Yaesha Widow's Court Ornate Key

To find the lockbox itself you’ll need to travel through the tunnels near the waterfalls. Just to the left of a treasure chest is an illusionary wall. Move through the wall and follow the path until you reach the Queen’s chambers. There, on a table is the lockbox, but absolutely do not open it.

Hidden wall map location
Queen's lockbox map location

Take the lockbox back to The Red Throne and present it to the queen. She’ll reward you with the Seal of the Empress.

Equip the ring and head back out the front door of the temple and turn right into the library. While wearing the ring a secret passageway will open up on the floor and you can drop down and pick up Ford’s Scattergun.

Ford's Scattergun map location
Ford's Scattergun


In terms of jewelry, you’ll need a full loadout including Leto’s Amulet. You can purchase this from Reggie back in Ward 13, but only after you’ve completed 100 flop dodges wearing Leto’s Armor. You can simply perform these flop dodges at Ward 13. To obtain the armor we can point you back to our Labyrinth secrets guide

Amber Moonstoon can be purchased from Cass in Ward 13. She has a rotating shop so keep an eye out and scoop this up as soon as you see it.

The Black Cat Band can be purchased from Reggie. It was available in his shop for our whole team, but we believe it’s tied to dying a certain number of times, possibly 12-15.

Black Cat Band Ring

Anastajia’s Inspiration can be purchased from Whispers for 3,000 scrap. We don’t believe this is tied to any prerequisites 

Anastasijas Inspiration

The final ring, Zania’s Malice, can be picked up on Root Earth in the Ashen Wasteland. Reach this checkpoint here and move around the building until you see this ramp down. Move around the backside, crouch and you’ll be able to enter a small gap. Inside is the ring, and the final piece to the puzzle.

Corrupted Portal

With all of your loot in hand head back to the Labyrinth and make your way to the glitching portal.

Labyrinth glitching portal map location

Wait for it to show this scene, wait 2 full seconds, the enter.

Labyrinth glitching portal

You’ll drop into nothingness but a bridge will spawn breaking your fall. Move to the back of the room, killing the enemies in your way, turn right, and stand in front of the glitching portal. Equip everything and you will become corrupted, and able to interact with the portal.

Corrupted portal map location
corrupted portal

Head inside and you’ll be in a strange new world called The Backrooms. There’s no secrets here, just a strange box that you’ll have to find. You have approximately 90 seconds to locate items within the room and you’ll then be booted out by an unknown force. Not to worry, you’ll be able to reenter without an issues.

The Backrooms
Archon Engram Strange Box

In addition to the Strange Box, there are 2 more pieces of loot you can find within the Backrooms. Since everyone is entering this area with a level 10 Explorer, there is no better time than the present to activate Fortune Hunter and locate these last two items.

First up, we have the Bisected Ring, an awesome little trinket that grants the wearer infinite stamina, but increases all damage received by 25%. This immediately screams to be used with Leto’s Armor, as the damage mitigation from the armor set alone will go a long way to offsetting this negative effect.

Bisected Ring

Then we have a brand new amulet, the Gunfire Security Lanyard, yep you heard me right, and it’s just as insane as the last one. You’ll automatically reload your magazines over time. Obviously this doesn’t work with single shot weapons. This could be absolutely bonkers paired with something like an LMG to help keep the lead flying.

Gunfire security lanyard

Take the Strange Box and head back to Ward 13. Return to Wallace as we’ve done countless times before and you’ll be able to claim the final secret Engram to unlock The Archon.

Archon Archetype

Archon Archetype Overview

As the name suggests the Archon is a mystical class that relies on a completely different set of perks and skills than we’ve seen up until this point.

Archon Prime Perk


Allows the player to automatically generate Mod Power per second. Casting a Mod also increases all Mod Generation by a sizable amount for a short period of time.

Archon archetype Prime Perk

Archon Passive Perks

Amplify (Damage Perk)

Increases mod damage by 5% but this number will increase as the archetype is leveled up

Archon passive perk amplify

Power Creep (Team Perk)

After casting a mod a portion of the mod power spent is regenerated by all allies over a short period of time. The more the Archon spends, the more the team benefits

Archon passive perk power creep

Spirit Within (Utility Perk)

Reduces the mod power requirements for all mods

Archon passive perk Spirit Within

Power Leak (Relic Perk)

Grants mod power for both equipped mods whenever a relic is used.

Archon passive perk Power Leak

Archon Trait

Flash Caster

Increases mod and skill casting speed by 5% at level 1 up to 50% at level 10. Remember once the Archon is leveled up to 10 you can utilize this trait regardless of what engram you have equipped.

Archon Skills

Reality Rune

Conjures a protective dome which applies ‘slow’ to any enemies or enemy projectiles. Allies inside gain some decent damage reduction so long as the dome is active.

Archon Skill Reality Rune

Chaos Gate

Conjures an unstable zone which grants allies an increase to all damage dealt, increased mod generation, but also increases the damage allies take. High risk, high reward.

Archon Skill Chaos Gate

Havoc Form

Unleash the power of the Labyrinth to empower the caster with new abilities. This lasts for 30 seconds but the duration is reduced whenever special abilities are used.

Archon Skill Havoc Form

Once again this is a massive secret, one that took a community effort to discover. The developers knew that data mining was inevitable so they created an entirely new 11th archetype and tied it to a secret only the most dedicated could solve.

As for the armor set, unfortunately that’s still a mystery. At this time, it doesn’t appear to be obtainable in the game, but we’ll have to let you know in the future how to unlock it. Remember you can create an Archon from the starting screen if you want the archetype’s starting weapons and armor.